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Internal Newsletters Marketing and Promotions

Netmí was "marketing advantaged" by being the exclusive network of Hispanic Broadcasting Corporation due to HBC's leadership position as the largest Spanish language radio broadcasting company in the United States. Developing Netmío's relationship with the radio stations allowed it to benefit from on-air, event, contest, and other promotions. Of course, execution came from Netmío's great team members.


The team continuously worked with HBC programming staff to do live mentions of web site features on the air. We also used live in studio web cams to gather more promotion. The team also managed an on-air inventory for recorded commercials which promoted site features and frequently had client mentions in them.

Recorded promo samples: Netmío Jingle, Celia Cruz, Shakira


The team worked with HBC promotions staff for presence at small and large station events throughout the country resulting in increased awareness and visibility of the web site. The team also managed dedicated stage performances at some of the larger events.


Netmío was also integrated onto station billboards and station vehicles throughout the country.

Print & Other

The team worked with the station promotion staff to insure that the Netmío logo was close to the station logo on any print ads, tickets, merchandise, and frequently integrated onto the station logo itself.


Apart from prominent placement in major search engines, the team worked with other relevant web sites for links back to Netmío and in some cases we ran online advertising campaigns which support both the web site and the radio stations.


Netmío's team moderated dozens upon dozens of chats many with music, tv, and movie celebrities but also with political dignitaries, mayoral debates, INS officials, health professionals, radio personalities, and many more. These chat sessions included the guest chat room along with an accompanying live web cam that made the event more real.

Some of our guests included: Thalia, Hillary Clinton, Cheech Marin, NYC Firefighters, Chayenne, John Leguizamo, Pilar Montenegro, Ana Barbara, Carlos Vives, Kumbia Kings, Roselyn Sanchez, and many more.


With its own marketing budget and mainly working with the promotions from the radio stations, the Netmío team managed several hundred contest giveaways each year. These contests included:

  • Online participation in three house giveaways
  • Giveaways for several cars and trucks
  • Trips to Cancun, Las Vegas, Latin Grammy Awards (LA & Miami), Latin Billboard Awards (Miami), and more.
  • Thousands of dollars in cash prizes
  • Hundreds of electronic devices including computers, big screen tv's, dvd players, XBox, Playstation, portable MP3 players, and more.
  • Hundreds of tickets to all kinds of sporting events, concerts, festivals, movies, etc.

Netmío had its own loyalty points system that frequent visitors could win prizes by redeeming their earned points. We also conducted photo voting contests for Baby Netmío and Mr. & Miss. Netmío.


  • Editor & Publisher 2003 EPpy Award Runner up in Best Overall Network or Syndicated Radio-Affiliated Internet Service category. Winner: BBC World Service.
  • Several Best Radio Station Web Site Achievement In Radio (AIR) Awards.
  • Legacy includes dreams fulfilled in prize winners, friendship groups formed offline facilitated by online communities, marriages created by people meeting from personal ads, fund raising activities for charitable causes, educational and informational resources created and presented, and more.