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Many business relationships were forged to continue to grow the business. Some of these relationships included benefit to the company in a financial exchange and some benefited the company in extending the marketing reach of the business or provided additional features or content that improved the web site product.

The deals mentioned here are among the ones that I was the principal party to negotiate and close the deal.  There were many more that I was substantially involved and almost all deals required my approval.

What is not mentioned are the dozens of deals that were repelled because they were not good terms or were otherwise not good for the company including several multi-million dollar marketing deals. Also not mentioned are several joint venture deals that did not come to fruition. Also not mentioned are the numerous negotiated but paid vendor relationships.

MSNBC.COM Exchanged local Spanish news stories for placement on #1 news web site and additional inventory to sell as well as placement on MSN and YupiMSN. (Press Story)
Adsertion Technology (formerly CLBN), WebRadio, StreamAudio, iBeam, OnRadio, SurferNetwork Audio streaming services of eighteen radio stations including ad replacement of commercials in compliance with AFTRA requirements. Maintained reporting and fee compliance with RIAA, BMI, SESAC, and ASCAP. Provide additional co-branded audio stream player and music formats different than our on-air siblings.
US Dialtone Powered the dial-up ISP Services. / Exchange health related content and co-marketing opportunities. This provided us a new channel to market. Powered Netmí's career search engine which provided us a new channel to market. / Trymedia Systems Provided interactive online computer games which provided us a new channel to market. Exchanged financial related content which provided us a new channel to market.
Miller Brewing Co. Exchanged local Spanish event information for the Miller Time Network.